Taking fitness to the next level.

We all workout for a million different reasons, health, wellness, appearance, but we often forget about taking fitness to the next level. What is the next level? I see it as being faster, stronger, and more balanced. I have a list of a few amazing exercises to mix into your workouts that will take simple movements and make them explosive. These are super simple things that we all do but we are gonna take away your sense of sight. Say what?!? That's right. you're gonna workout with your eyes closed. By removing sight from the mix, youforce your body to work without a major player and suddenly the other senses have to kick into high gear. These can be super tricky at first and they seem insanely easy on paper but trust me, they aren't. I would suggest setting yourself up with something on either side of you when you first begin these exercises.   1. Eyes closed lunges   2. eyes closed squats- begin with simple wall squats using a ball to help keep your form   3. eyes closed tipy toe farm walks photo 3-3 4. eyes closed single leg balance photo 4-2 5. arms up lunge walks with or withouteyes closed arms up lunges 6. arms up squat walks with or without eyes closed arms up walking squats   Please ignore my pissy face. My husband was making fun of me while taking these pictures. Like a stated before, have something ready to catch yourself the first few times. I use chairs or a wall. The thing that always makes me giggle is how people will fall over before opening their eyes. You can open your eyes. Please open your eyes before falling on your face!    

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