A Tale of Two Diaries: P90X Day 2

The hardest day of P90X for the Average Joe is Day 2, when he slugs through Plyometrics (or "Plyo X") for the first time.  Not so for Mr. P90X, Tony Horton, who loves every minute of it. See if you can tell the difference in this side-by-side comparison of their workout diaries on that day. P90X-Diary_Day21 If you missed A Tale of Two of Two Diaries: P90X Day 1, check it out HERE. P.S.: As you may know, I'm a P90X cast member and success story. It's a great program, and Tony Horton is a first-rate trainer and friend of mine.  (I love the guy).  But I personally switched to a modified version of TheDailyHiit recently and haven't looked back.  So far, so good, and the best is yet to come.

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