Tanning Beds House Herpes, Fecal Bacteria, Among Others

We all know by now that using sunbeds increases risk of skin cancer, right? It turns out, that's not the only disease these little glowing pods are associated with. Genital herpes, spread from person-to-person contact, usually from oral or contact sex, is also known to thrive in the warm lightbeds, along with other bacteria. The bonus sweat from the humans using the bed help the various bacteria to replicate and breed. Some of these bacteria are pretty scary guys. Not unheard of are staphylococcus bacteria -which can cause skin infections, papillomavirus (warts), fecal bacteria, and the STD, herpes. The heat produced from a tanning bed just isn't enough to kill these off, and the popular beds might have traces of some or all of these just laying on them, waiting for somebody else to lay down and pick them back up through a small cut or imperfection in their skin. tanning bed While it makes sense for ultraviolet light to help kill off germs, these ones become resistant to it very quickly with the frequent use of the bed and quick breeding. And while lots of infections can be treated, herpes is not one of them. Once you have herpes, you have it for life. Herpes isn't treated as such the symptoms are, and doctors aim to provide relief from the painful blistery bumps and aches associated with the reactivation of the virus. That pursuit of a golden tan year round suddenly doesn't sound so appealing to me. Source   Have you ever had a bad experience tanning? Share your story with us!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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