Taylor Swift Fan Loses 400 Pounds! Watch His Emotional Journey (Video)

Ronnie Brower, a diehard Taylor Swift fan has been on a weight loss journey for two years. His proud friends want Taylor to hear Ronnie's story before he hears her in concert. Ronnie's pal Joe Bufano posted this video showing his inspiring and emotional story, and how Taylor's music has kept him going through his challenging workouts. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0UeRh7huME[/embed] Ronnie began his weight loss transformation from the bottom. Given a prognosis from his doctor that he wouldn't live passed 35 if he didn't make a change, Ronnie started working out using a hand bike. Over 700 days, he began shedding pounds and adding weights and chair squats to his workout. When he started, he couldn't even leave his home. Eventually, he made it to the gym where he tackled stair stepping, weight training and boxing. After one year of tremendous hard work, he lost an astounding 256 pounds! Ronnie-Brower                     Another year of dedication went by, and he had dropped 400 pounds. His quality of life has improved, as he is healthy, happy and miles ahead of where he used to be. ronnie brower [bctt tweet="Taylor Swift Fan Loses 400 Pounds! Watch His Emotional Journey (Video)"] "This is my lifestyle now," Ronnie said, "and I'll never go back." ronnie brower Joe hopes that T Swift sees this amazing video and perhaps gives Ronnie a well-deserved shout out at her concert. Ronnie is elated to be seeing his idol, as the Shake It Off singer has helped push him through life's toughest moments and she doesn't even know it! taylor swift If you're feeling in a rut with your current fitness situation, we hope Ronnie's incredible progress is motivation enough for you to push on! Do you have an inspiring story of weight loss to tell? Share it with us! Are you looking to firm stubborn soft spots, transform your body and maintain results without spending hours in the gym? Join our Beginner Bootcamp Challenge and train with Edith every day! [caption id="attachment_122855" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockOfficial @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_122856" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat logo @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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