Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid's Friendship Fitspiration

Next time your BFF texts you for a hangout, don't head to the mall or the coffee shop. Try a workout sesh together, just like pals Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid. taylor01 The Bad Blood singer and Guess supermodel embraced a sunny LA Sunday by taking a hike. Taylor rocked some short shorts and signature frames while Gigi was on trend with neon activewear and a casual ponytail. The duo is a perfect friend fitspiration. tay These fit Hollywood IT girls know the value of getting up and moving, even on rest days. Here are some health benefits of working out outdoors with your BFF: tay Getting Outside Ditching the climate controlled confines of the gym every now and then has a lot of upsides. Take it from Taylor and Gigi, taking a walk outdoors boosts your vitality, enthusiasm and self-esteem. Fresh oxygen keeps you energized and pumps up your immune system. Just make sure you get your SPF on before spending the day outdoors! Trying New Things You don't always have to take the same walk. Get creative and try new things! Why not join a fitness bootcamp? Or enter a female only mud run for a great cause? With your bestie by your side, you can feel confident trying all sorts of wacky, wonderful, healthy exercises. Maybe even go rogue and do your own Thai Chi in the park! Staying Motivated  Because you are friends, you know each other and can push each other to improve. You also are good support systems for each other. Your friend can give you that kick-in-the-butt you need to keep going. And you can feel good sharing your ups and downs, and your personal triumphs with someone you trust! Getting Into a Routine  Your body will start to recognize the need for fitness even on your rest or less active days. You will notice a shift and respond accordingly! What are your favourite workouts with friends? Let us know!    

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