Teaching your kids early about business and how to interact with people

This morning I went to a business meeting with a Farmers agency and I went solo, without Colin  (my 11 year old).  Then, this afternoon I did a business presentation and took Colin with me.  A few times this week, I've taken him with me to work. When I introduce him to our clients and prospective clients, I don't apologize for having my child join us.  I explain that I choose to have him with me because I want to introduce him to the real world.
  • I want him to see how to interact with people in a business setting.
  • I want him to hear questions, answers and prospecting.
  • I want him to hear me fail and win.
  • I want him to see me gain customers/clients and I also want him to see how to handle rejection
People skills are so important to foster.  I want him to be able to smile, and interact with complete strangers. My son, who is now 17, got his first Spring, Summer, Fall job when he was just 12.  He walked over to a farm near our home and asked for a job.  The job was very difficult in labor and to top it off, he only got paid $2.00/hr.  He learned early on to be responsible, work hard and sometimes not be as care-free as his friends.  He loved the money he did make.  Soon, he had saved over $2,000 from hard work and dedication. Enjoy your summer with your children...and, if you have a job where you can take them to work with you, try it out.  It's great experience!

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