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I’ve already written about Athos strangely sentient workout clothes, but there are technological advancements to help with health and fitness being created all the time. There’s more than just wristband fitness trackers available, and here are a few cool ones that I’ve come across: techhealthPavlok Pavlok – a wristband that shocks you when you perform a bad habit, such as biting your nails, or skipping the gym. I’m not exactly sure of the science behind the shocking technology, as in, how it will know that you’re performing a bad habit, but the Pavlov-ian aspect, apparent from the name, is certainly clear. I’d change my bad habits to good ones too if I was getting shocked all the time. techhealthPROD020096 Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle – In general, you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, which is hard to remember to do when you’re on the go, it’s also something I never remember to keep track of. This water bottle will help you drink more water, but it’s also designed to adhere to your specific and individual hydration needs, based on weight, duration and intensity of exercise, heat, etc. It was also featured on Ellen! techhealth fork HAPIfork – it doesn’t keep track of what you eat, but it does violently vibrate if you’re eating too quickly. This, like the Pavlok, will help build better eating habits, and in turn aid with digestion and weight loss. The HAPIfork not only food shames you, it also measures how long it took to eat your meal, and the average time between bites. techhealthlumo-lift-colors-100224094-large Lumo Lift – yet another shocking addition to healthy habits, this wearable piece of tech not only tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance gone, but it will gently vibrate to remind you to sit up straighter. techhealthUPcolors-1280.v1 Jawbone UP and UP24 – this one IS a wrist fitness tracker, but it’s much more than a simple pedometer or calorie counter. The Jawbone UP also tracks your sleep functions and eating habits, on top of the regular fitness tracker functions, it then uses that data to tell you how your habits affect each other. The UP can be plugged in to connect to an accompanying phone up, and the UP24 connects via Bluetooth automatically. techhealthYogaMat SmartMat – I’ve saved my favourite for last. Being a huge yoga fan, the idea of a sentient yoga mat is just too cool. It uses high-tech sensors to help your alignment, by taking your measurements and taking into account your flexibility and limitations. I would never have to wonder if I need to widen my stance in warrior two ever again, because the corresponding app would tell me! (Who am I kidding, I always need to widen my stance in warrior two – lazy MK). My favourite part about practicing yoga at a studio is the adjustments that the teacher or assistants make, because it really helps improve the pose and my overall practice. Also, if I don’t want a computer piping up with suggestions while I’m in the studio, it has a zen mode, which records the session and saves its feedback for later.

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