Teen Discovers Something Disgusting in McDonald's Chicken Chilli Wrap

Excited to bite into your scrumptious meal and satisfy your hunger? Sometimes something about your food can turn you off and cause your desire to eat to totally dissipate. That would be an understatement for one teenager. Disgusting discovery found in food. Millie Fulcher, a 17-year-old hairdresser, was utterly disgusted to find a BEETLE in her McDonald's sweet chilli chicken wrap. Horrified to discover the insect wriggling about in her food, she has now vowed to never go near fast food again. McDonald's has responded by launching an investigation into the absurd incident. Millie's friend, 21-year-old Pippa Abba, had picked up the food from their local Micky D's in Sprowston, Norwich.
"I took the cucumber out of the wrap and I saw something crawling under it," Millie noted.
Disgusting discovery found in food.
"I really panicked - I just didn't know what it was at first," Millie said. "The clients in the salon all thought it was disgusting. We were all just so shocked. It has put me off all fast food for good now." Pippa, who is also of Norwich was maddened as well, saying "I was treating Millie to tea - I wish I hadn't now."
Disgusting discovery found in food.
"All the clients in the salon were screaming when they saw the beetle - we just couldn't believe it. We usually go to McDonald's three or four times a week, but we won't any more." The evidence was brought to the McDonald's customer services unit to report the findings. Have you ever experienced something so gross in your food?
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