Teen Gets a Nose Job to End Terrible Bullying

The Little Baby Face Foundation is a organization that treats childhood facial birth defects with plastic surgery for free.  They have drawn criticism for performing surgery because of bullying, with critics coming very close to implying that the burden is on the victim to not let anyone make them feel "bad about themselves." article-0-1A670DD500000578-535_634x449 Renata who is 15 is one such story.  Because of incessant and terrible bullying at her school Renata left to be home-schooled.  There was nothing wrong with her.  She's smart and funny and well spoken.  Her school mates determined she had a nose that necessitated relentless bullying.  And so she left school.  For three years.  Barely leaving the house. She spoke with TODAY in an interview:

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  Renata was simply known at school as, "the girl with the big nose."  It had become terribly painful.  There are so many people who would condemn Renata for her surgery because of the not so simple act of bullying.  The fact remains, however, that every day-every moment we are all judged on our looks. article-0-1A670DFB00000578-297_634x487 We are judged for being too fat or too thin or too young or old or too scarred.  We change our hair color, our nail color, plaster on makeup, get braces, get liposuction and breast implants, all in an attempt to make ourselves into the image of what we think is beautiful. article-0-1A670DFF00000578-46_634x656 Perhaps getting a nose reduction surgery just in order to walk the halls of a school without humiliation isn't vanity at all...but rather self preservation.

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