How This Teen Inspired Body Confidence With This Shocking Bikini Pic!

19-year-old Isa-Bella Leclair is just like any teenage girl. She struggles from time to time with self image and feeling confident in her own skin. But unlike most teenage girls, Isa-Bella has even more reason to want to defy beauty standards. teen rare condition Isa-Bella was born with Parkes Weber Syndrome, a rare condition with causes her right leg to be swollen constantly. In these photographs, her leg weighs close to 40 pounds. "My condition doesn't define me and there's no way I would let it stop me from wearing a cute swimsuit or a cute dress," Isa-Bella explains. "For me confidence is the most important part because when people see someone confident in their body - even with a disability - they don't have pity but instead admiration." The Canadian teen has a positive attitude that just can not be brought down. Her beautiful beach shot makes you think twice about being concerned with cellulite, freckles or any of your insecurities. If Isa-Bella does not let her disability ruin her smile and amazing self-esteem, then nothing should ruin yours! isa bella leclair motivation This inspiring girl has gone on to be a beauty pageant winner in her hometown and continues to bring her body positive messages to others. "I think it's important for people who have health issues to not only work on getting healthy but to work on loving yourself and accepting who you are." Isa-Bella explains. We hope this has inspired you to love your body for what it is! What are your thoughts on this amazing teen?  

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