Telling The Difference Between A One-Time Guy and The One

The path to love is laden with sharp turns, bumps and the occasional unexpected land mine. The type of person you hope and wish for can be hard to find. You won't just happen to drop some papers on the street, and he comes rushing along to pick them up. Your eyes will meet, and you know instantaneously that he's the one. Here is how to know if you're dating Mr. Right Now, or Mr. Forever: 1) The one is someone special, while the one-time guy turns out to be like everyone else.  The one-time guy can turn on the charm for so long, but soon you see it fades away. The one is someone you can never lose love for, he keeps getting better and better. 2) The one speaks to you on a deeper level, the one-time guy doesn't connect with you.  The one-time guy begins to bore you, but you get lost in hours of conversation with the one. The one keeps you up until 3 am chatting about your childhood and your thoughts on life. 3) The one could break your heart, the one time guy comes across as heartless.  The one-time guy leaves without attachment. He's the kind of dude who will break up with you over Facebook, leaving you enraged and gutted. The one is someone you don't want to lose, but you feel a strong trust that you're more than a fling with him. How did you know your one was the one? Share with us your love story and tag your partner!

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