When He Tells You You're Beautiful

Smile. Look him in the eyes so it seems genuine. Say thank you. Don't ignore that sense of anxiety that grows in your chest. Undress in front of the mirror. Look at yourself. Imagine what he sees. Grab that belly roll, run your fingers over the cellulite on the back of your legs. Imagine your hands are his. Imagine what he sees. Turn around, look at your 'back fat.' Imagine him coming up behind you, sliding his hands around your waist. Don't think about how much smaller, trimmer, fitter, you could be. Imagine what he sees. Wash off your makeup. Stare at yourself. Imagine what he sees. Look at your eyes, your lips. Imagine him kissing those lips. Imagine what he sees. Brush your hair. Feel it in your fingers. Ignore the frizz or the day's dirt. Imagine what he sees. Smile at the mirror. Look at those little lines that form around your eyes. Imagine what he sees. Practice saying "thank you." Let him touch your hip while you walk side by side. Feel his desire. Ignore your dread. Imagine what he sees. When he kisses you, melt into it. When he undresses you, stand before him and feel what he sees. Feel your flaws disappear for in that moment, you are perfection. Even if you don't see it yourself, he does. In that moment when he tells you you're beautiful, you are. Source: Thought Catalog

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