Towering Testosterone!

Testosterone levels rise as you go into combat mode! A recent study in Human Nature reveals that competing against enemies or strangers can give your testosterone levels a boost - if you win. This study showed that men’s testosterone levels rose upwards of 30% when they bested their competition in a heated dominos game. (Yeah, dominos. Not exactly gladiator caliber, but it seems to have done the trick.) Conversely, when researchers set those same men against a friend, the results were quite different. It seems winning or losing to a pal had no effect on their testosterone levels. Interesting, and it makes sense. As the study concludes, forming friendships is evolutionary. Alliances help us survive. Pissing off a pal with raging T levels probably wouldn’t sustain a very long friendship. On the other hand, when pit against a stranger or enemy, there’s no such alliance. Testosterone rises and biologically, muscles are stimulated and coordination and the ability to think improves. Men feel more confident. All of these things factor into a fierce competitive spirit. The effects, unfortunately, are short-lived. A boost in testosterone might help you take on your next opponent, but this surge won’t last in the long run. The best way to permanently boost your testosterone is to cut back on the booze, reduce body fat, and build muscle.

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