TGIF (a.k.a. That Gym Is FULL!)

We've all been there… It doesn't matter where you workout…  Come Friday night (and the rest of the weekend) odds are the gym you workout out in is PACKED!  Now I think for many of us, the reason The Daily Hiit is our vital source of workout routines is not only due to our FREE workouts, amazing community, and their rockin' hosts… but also because we can do these workouts ANYWHERE!! Now… I don’t know about you, but my “gym” also happens to be my office, sitting room, dining room, entertainment room, laundry-folding room, and a number of other odd-ball titles that really just mean: it’s our only other spare room…  So, come the weekend days, when I am ready to work out and get my sweat on- you can image the hubby is home working in his “office”, the dogs are on the rug (of course blocking the access to my weights), and laundry is now draped over my treadmill… 487448_10151272323190233_239005284_n

This is not a working-out environment...  

(I'm even caught red-handed with having a basket of laundry in the background of this shot- priceless...)

  Whether your kids are home from school and running a muck, your dog and cat have claimed the “gym” room as their own for the day, or the actual gym you attend has all of the “weekend only workout folks” taking up all the machines- that shouldn’t stop you!   Don’t make excuses today and be sad in a month when your body still looks and feels the same!   Leave the clutter, mess, to-do list, full gym behind and find a way to get out and be active.  Last Friday was my TGIF day…  I walked into my “gym” and found clothes in a heap on the floor, my dogs jumping up and down- lookin' for love, and my husband working away in the “office”, which takes up 50% of our small room anyways…  It was a long day of work, and to actually get my workout in I’d have to move the clothes, spend time with my dogs, and lure my husband away from the computer somehow…  Too much work! But NO EXCUSES! FitnessAndFamily I grabbed both dogs and hubby and shoved us out the door and into the car!  We took a nice 2 hour hike on the trails close to our house and we not only got our cardio in, but we also spent time together, played with our dogs, and  had time for ourselves- away from the craziness of LIFE! 1001777_10151467330085233_2000938889_n1003121_10151467327540233_1196535473_n Not giving into the temptation to slack off has led me to this hike because….. (drumroll…) This has been the first time I have felt comfortable baring all (well, midriff) to the light of day in about a year!  It is so easy to cave to your lethargic tendencies, especially after a long day; but for all of those days that you put your excuses away and charge towards your goal- you are one day closer to feeling comfortable in your skin again.  I started with The Daily Hiit [BodyRock] last year during their May Challenge...  And although there were days that I let my excuses get to me- I never looked back! 486702_10151393231120233_713471567_n

…And nothing feels better than having confidence in yourself!



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