Thanksgiving day stretch and shred bodyweight workout

The holidays can get really busy.  It can be tough to stay on point and consistent with our workouts with all the social and travel obligations that arise this time of the year. We are life stylers, and just because things get busy we won't let our fitness slip!  It is  possible to squeeze in a 20 minute workout, regardless of how busy we are. Infact ,  it will be just what you need during these chaotic, hectic and stressful times. I wanted to come up with a workout that you could do anywhere,  on the road, staying with family, a hotel, or even at home when you need to smash out a quickie.  I also wanted to add some flexibility and stretching while we put in our shred time, to help with travel stiffness, and tension release from these stressful moments, holidays can create. Grab a timer, a mat and if possible a door frame. This workout will touch on strength, flexibility and  because you are pushing hard, get your heart rate up. A good goal would try for 2 rounds in 20 minutes, or complete 2 rounds as fast as you can without compromising your form. See video below for exercise explanation. The video above has the exercise explanations, and I also did the first round to give you a feel for the workout. It's not the toughest workout in the world, but with the flexibility element, I feel it helps with relaxation, stress relief, and enables you to keep up your strength and get a nice burn.

Here’s the breakdown:

Warm up 5-10 minutes

20 reps Squat Jump with alternating T-pose holde

20 reps Reverse plank dips with leg extensions alternate legs

20 single arm squat thrusts alternating arms

20 childs pose to triceps pushups

20 lunge jumps

20 pike press to 3 legged dog alternate legs

20 sit up to straddle

5 pull ups  ( optional)

  20120204_workout_121   Let's be thankful for our health, our amazing bodies, and how lucky we are to enjoy what we have. Yours in health, Jossy

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