The 10 Best Things About Getting It On With a Man-Child

Reasons why sleeping with a man-child can be totally fun.
When we fantasize about sex, we often envision a sultry hunk who just so happens to have his life together. But, sometimes someone who is so in line can prove to be pretty serious. Enter the man-child. The man-child is FUN and takes the pressure out of the situation. And sometimes, we all need to just relax a little. So with that, here are 10 reasons sleeping with someone who lacks the proper maturity of a guy you'd bring home to your parents can be a great thing.
  1. Unexpected bodily noises merely make him laugh, which causes the utmost relief to you. He might even fart back, adding a little giggle.
2. If you tried a new trick while in reverse cowgirl and ultimately failed, he'll just laugh it off.
3. He's not offended by a little direction in between the sheets. 4. He's not capable of growing a beard, so you'll never have to worry about dealing with a scratchy face.
5. This guy is simply excited about getting laid, so you can forget having to put in all the effort to steam things up or impress him. [bctt tweet="The 10 Best Things About Getting It On With a Man-Child"] 6. He has no qualms about laying in bed for hours on end after the sex is over and done with. He's used to spending time in there playing XBox all day anyway. 7. He may not be making you a gourmet dinner anytime soon, but he sure will have pizza at your front door post-sex in 10 minutes flat. 8. He's not about to get clingy after one night of sex. He's easy going, and doesn't have a lot of plans for the future anyway. 9. It's the best casual sex scenario, since you guys can hang around like bros and bang like bunnies, too. 10. Your expectations of him are already pretty low, so anything he does that's surprisingly good is just a bonus. Have you ever slept with a man-child?
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