The 10 Most Underrated Fit Hollywood Men

Who comes to mind when you think of a fit, muscular celeb? Dwayne Johnson, perhaps? Truth is, a lot of beefed up dudes fly under the radar and don't get the mainstream appreciation they deserve. Until now, that is. #1 Sean Connery sean connery Sean Connery started out as a bodybuilder at the age of 18. He placed third in the Mr. Universe pageant in 1950. Years later, the world would know him as James Bond. #2 Marlon Brando marlon brando Marlon Brando was notoriously shirtless in his golden years, before he starred in The Godfather. His muscles were rippling, and his smoulder was undeniably sexy. #3 Bruce Lee bruce lee Martial Arts wonder Bruce Lee concentrated on building power in this workouts. Legend has it, he would size up hulking bodybuilders and say, “Yeah, he’s big…but is he powerful? Can he use that extra muscle efficiently?” #4 Carrot Top carrot top Lugging around props has helped Carrot Top craft some serious muscle. He has massive arms, V lines and is overall incredibly ripped. We take back all the redhead jokes, CT. #5 Hank Azaria hank azaria This is the first time I've ever entered the words 'Hank Azaria - Shirtless' into Google. But the voice of Moe on The Simpsons is packing some seriously sexy muscles. He looks nothing like his animated character! #6 Bolo Yeung bolo yeung Bloodsport and Enter The Dragon are just two films on Bolo's impressive resume. He has gone from being a former bodybuilding champion to having roles in over 80 movies. #7 John C. McGinley john c mcginley Dr. Cox from Scrubs may be his most recognizable role, but John C. McGinley used to be an action star. He is 56 and still looking incredibly buff! #8 Robert De Niro robert de niro Now in his 70s, Robert De Niro has had two boxing flicks under his belt, Raging Bull and Grudge Match. The first film was shot in 1980 when De Niro was totally cut, and the second came along two years ago showing that the aging actor is still looking toned! #9 Jason Statham jason statham Having an accomplished action career means Jason Statham has been able to train hard and keep his body in top condition. Crazy abs, bulking biceps and all! #10 Ben Stiller ben stiller Funny man Ben Stiller has been in many side-splitting comedies from Tropic Thunder to Zoolander. While his characters are never really the hulking heroes, Ben has some pretty sweet guns to show off! Which of these stars in your favourite? Source: Muscle And Fitness Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_107676" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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