The 10 Signs That You're Done Having Children

There is a scary sense of finalization when you make the call not to have any more babies. No more adorable little onesies, no more late night feedings, no more cooing baby cuddles. For some women, knowing their clan is complete can be easy. But for others, it's highly emotional. done having kids Here are the 10 signs that you know in your heart that the baby-making phase of your life has come to an end and you're ready to enjoy the adventures you share with the little ones you already have.
  • You recoil in fear and your face makes the shape of a Scream mask every time you hear an unsuspecting new mom announce that she's pregnant.
  • You can't wait to offer up all of your onesies and sleepers and your Buggaboo to the highest bidder on Ebay, or to your cousin's best friend's sister who you saw was expecting on Facebook.
  • Chatting with a new mom leaves you with a sense of relief that your life is no longer revolving around late night feedings, breastfeeding struggles, spit-ups, teething and smelly diapers. You come home to your wonderful family and rejoice over the fact that your toddler knows how to walk and definitely can speak her mind now about what she wants, and that your first grader is tying his shoes and helping with chores.
  • You spend a lot of your free time weighing the options of your hubby getting, erm, snipped. (And by 'weighing the options', I mean slowly convincing him that it won't hurt that bad)
  • You really love holding a snuggly, sleepy little baby in your arms and breathing in their new baby smell. But you're more than happy to hand them back to their poor, sleep-deprived zombie mom when they start fussing, wiggling or smelling funky.
  • Your bad or stressful dreams involve you discovering you are, in fact, with child.
  • You can't bare the thought of gaining weight from another pregnancy. You fought at the gym to shed those 40 pounds and you are determined to not screw up your progress.
  • Celebrating when your little ones hit big milestones can make you sad that they are growing up so fast, but you look forward to all the amazing adventures that lie ahead. They are old enough for a theme park, a movie theatre, a road trip or they are just old enough that they won't be colouring on the walls anymore (hopefully).
  • You would honestly rather go to the gynaecologist for a pap smear or get a tooth root-canaled than go to another Mommy and Me yoga session and have to talk over lattes with other new moms. You're so over trying to fit into their posse of moms.
  • You can look at your family and know it's complete. Everyone has their place, and as much as you love babies and the joy they bring, that time has come to an end. It's not a sad realization for you, it's a responsible one and an exciting one because you're ready for a new phase in life. You have the perfect family and you have everything you could have wished for. You aren't paralyzed by indecision, but content with your choice.
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