The 100 Diet

There are no shortage of diet fads, from Atkins to South Beach to the Zone. Quite frankly, it is exhausting just thinking about it, let alone trying to sort through the hype to find the truth.

New York Times Bestselling Author Jorge Cruise claims he's done the legwork for you. His new book, The 100, maintains you can lose up to 18lbs in 2 weeks if you restrict your sugar calories to 100 calories per day. Sound easy? Well, if we were talking about processed sugar calories, it might be, but we're not. We're talking about any kind of sugar. This means if you ate 2 apples in one day, you'd be over your allotted daily intake.

Cruise says, "It's all about the insulin. Everyone thinks weight loss is all about eat less, exercise more...a calorie is a calorie. [But] as much as I love equality, I'm not abiding equality when it comes to calories. Not all calories are the same."

So, if we stick to Cruise's principles, we can only have 1 piece of bread or 1 apple a day, but can have a few glasses of red wine, which only has 14 sugar calories per glass.

Interesting. People who have tried the diet report losing weight, but having trouble sustaining the lifestyle change. Cruise’s book is really just a refined Atkins diet. If you love your fruit, this lifestyle change is going to be pure hell for you. You can eat all the protein you want, but have a hankering for a big fruit salad? No can do, my friend.

Like most healthy lifestyle changes, you have to do what works for you. Changes that seem too extreme or hard will not likely last long term. Some people have had success with this plan, while others have managed a few days and then fallen into full-out binges.

If you’re curious as to whether it will work for you, you’re going to have to try it out. Our opinion? We can definitely see the benefit of limiting your sugars - even your natural sugars. Diets high in sugar have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This said, we’d also like you to be able to complete your workouts, which might be a little difficult on this restrictive diet.

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