The 1000 Pound Life: Before And After

Meet Mayra Rosales, she was morbidly obese, she couldn't walk or do simple tasks by herself! She needed a team of people to help her do everything. She has gone through an amazing journey to get her body and life back. She weighted in at an astounding 1028 Pounds! Everyday thing were not easy for her, and she couldn't do them without assistance. Even getting dressed was a task For her to go anywhere, Mayra needed a team to help move her, as she couldn't walk! When enough was enough she decided that it was time to make a change. She got surgery to help remove some of the excess weight. Then it was time for the hard work! It started to pay off and she started to look healthier. What a change!! Hard to believe this is the same woman!! Good for Mayra. Such a transformation! She even went on The View to share her story. All I can say is that is one crazy weight gain and loss story! What do you think? Share your thoughts about Mayra's journey!  

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