The 13 Moves That Sculpt Izabel Goulart's Fit Girl Physique!

Victoria's Secret model Izabel Goulart is an Instagram sensation for her insanely ripped figure! Jaws drop when they see that out-of-this-world 12-pack, those lean legs and her all around hyper toned frame. The 30-year-old Brazilian bombshell has a few tricks up her sleeve for staying so fiercely fit, and we're ready to reveal them! #1 Jumping Rope jumping rope Jumping rope is an incredible exercise because the motion of it actually breaks down fat cells! It can be an easy and fast way to get the ultimate calorie burn anytime and anywhere. #2 TRX trx workout Izabel is a huge fan of this unique workout which uses gravity, bodyweight and a suspension trainer to give her a tightly toned look. #3 Kickboxing kickboxing Models like Gigi Hadid also love a good round in the ring. Izabel trains hard with her coach to build stamina and strength when hitting a session! #4 Core Workout core strengthening Building up her core strengthens Izabel's entire body and improves her calorie burn rate, range of motion and balance for walking the runway. #5 Pilates pilates Pilates-inspired stretching helps the gorgeous model get the long, lean look she so desires. Talk about skills! #6 Plate Slide Workout plate slide The plate slide workout challenges Izabel's muscles in new and unique ways and tones from head to toe. #7 Weight Training weight training Her favourite way to train for red carpet appearances, VS fashion shows or any big event is to hit the gym and weight train. #8 Compound Movements compound movements Izabel likes to combine resistance training and bodyweight exercises for a targeted routine that is all her own. #9 Bodyweight Exercises bodyweight exercises The stunner says there is nothing quite like the burn of a bodyweight exercise, and we believe her! #10 Recreational Sports bowling swimming tennis In her down time, Izabel hits up the bowling alley, takes a dip in her indoor pool and plays tennis to stay active. #11 Running running benefits She can run over 6 miles in a day, and never stops pushing herself to go farther. #13 Yoga yoga pose Yoga helps clear Izabel's mind and hones in on her ability to focus. #13 Showing Off izabel goulart fit body Her favourite workout is what's known as the 'show off', where she literally demolishes any exercise you can think of and gives every second of it 110%. Is Izabel your fitness inspiration? Source: Cosmopolitan

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