The 3-Step Plan That Stops Sugar Cravings In Their Tracks!

Don't let sugar cravings sabotage your diet! We often think cupcakes, cookies and ice cream are rewards for good eating behaviour. But this mindset can lead us down a dangerous road of indulgent binges. Here is the easiest way to cut cravings and stay on track: 1) Hungry? Eat A Meal   Know the difference between a craving and being hungry. If you crave a cupcake but you're actually hungry, cook a healthy meal. When you're desiring a sugary food and your stomach is needing to be filled, you will most likely binge on sugar unless you eat immediately. Drinking water can also help fill you while flushing away toxins. 2) Take A Hot Shower   We sometimes equate sugar with giving us a boost of energy. If you love sweetened cereals or sweet muffins in the morning for that wake up sugar rush, grab a hot shower. The warm water will give you that lift you're looking for. 3) Go For A Run   Exercise releases "feel good" endorphins the same way that sugar does. If your mind wants it's reward centre stimulated, go for a walk, jog, bike ride or even try yoga. Any movement will help crush cravings and heighten your focus. Remember, giving in to a craving just fuels your addiction. Learning to function without eating junk food will slowly reduce your reliance on sugar. For more help kicking the sweet stuff, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan. How do you curb cravings? Share your secrets with us! Source: Epoch Times

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