The 30 Day Challenge Day 3: And I'm Feeling Good...

Thoughts: I really do feel great.  I did 40 jump squats yesterday at the end of the workout so my butt's feeling a little sore today but oh well.  The double high knees were a killer for me but I still busted my butt getting them done.  On the push ups I went down onto my knees and since I don't have an equalizer I did two jump tucks.  So I didn't have to use any equipment!! Hurray! Food: So as I've said previously, I always eat before working out as a personal preference.  I'm really weird with my breakfast in that I like the same thing every morning and I don't change it hardly ever.  I'm eating the Pumpkin Spice Granola parfait that's in the original nutrition guide with three pieces of vegetarian bacon. It's delicious.  Add that with my little water bottle full of lemon/cucumber/mint water and it's fantastic. Progress: Some days its easier to eat healthy than others.  Last night I went to my parent's house for dinner and we had lasagna.  No one in the world could pass up my mom's lasagna and if they did it might just be the last thing they ever did.  Just kidding.  Don't punish yourself if you mess up, just keep going.  Keep at it.  Like Lisa says, have a little piece of chocolate or a couple sips of a caramel latte and then be done with it. Little Tidbit: Getting the right amount of sleep really makes a difference.  I can tell that my body was able to do so much more during the workout than yesterday.  Sometimes you can help the bad night's sleep but always try. Oh and my bra, it's from Moving Comfort and it's fantastic.  It's called the Fiona and I love it. It's perfect for moms who have breastfed and need more support or for girls with larger girls who don't want bouncing.  That's it for me.  Off to get my little girl up and ready for the day.

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