The 4 Telltale Signs That You're Dating The Wrong Person

Sometimes even the most subtle doubts you may have about a relationship can reveal larger problems that you might be overlooking. The sad truth about the dating world is that not all pairings are meant to last forever, and knowing early on whether or not you're heading down the breakup path can save you a lot of heartbreak. Here are the 4 signs that signal you are not with the right person. relationship issues fighting
  • F is for Frustration
Are your frequently frustrated with your partner? Are their little habits that you used to pass off as no big deal suddenly becoming a nuisance? Or maybe the tables are turning and your partner is the one constantly frustrated with you. Frustration can spring up when two people in a relationship are focusing on different goals, and they're clashing on making solid decisions together. Relationships are about sharing common goals and moving towards them, not veering away to go in separate directions. If you want to mend your partnership, start with working on your feelings of frustration and get to the root causes of these emotions.
  • A is for Anger
Frustration can pile up and lead to anger, a much bigger problem. Anger is the reaction to the pent up frustration that overflows in bouts of shouting, crying and fighting. If you're feeling angry constantly, fighting unreservedly (ex. in a public place) and feeling never at peace with your partnership, something is very wrong. Don't waste your energy being angry. Look into ways to either help fix things or really evaluate whether this relationship is worth your time. Try to have an open dialogue with your partner that doesn't involve yelling and bickering so you can work on getting this derailed situation back on track.
  • I is for Insecurity
Do you find yourself losing confidence in your capabilities and your partner's? Do you succumb to petty jealousy, paranoia and extreme feelings of insecurity regularly? Are you doubting that you're loved, wanted and that your partner is attracted to you? Maybe you even doubt that you're worthy of any companionship. This dangerous downward spiral is extremely unhealthy and needs to be corrected before it gets worse. When you feel this way, it means your relationship is defining who you are. It's time to seek counselling if you are in this insecure state.
  • L is for Loneliness
With impending insecurity comes loneliness. You feel a distance between you and your partner that is so great, it's almost as if you're by yourself. You are not intimate, you don't talk the way you used to, you're not made to feel special. It might be too late at this stage to save your relationship, as you may be falling out of love. It is time to take action and regain your life before you crumble completely. Leaving your partner might be the best thing for you to balance yourself again and start living the life you deserve. Feeling any of these four emotions can be a sign that communication needs to be opened up between the two of you, what happens next is your decision. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with these four signs? Share your advice on relationships with us! Source: Self Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_114738" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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