The 4 Tricks To Blasting Belly Fat As You Run

A run may not be a commonly known belly fat buster, but combined with proper diet it can play a major role in melting away those unwanted rolls. Here are four tricks that shed fat and shred your midsection while you run: 4 tricks to losing belly fat Intervals  While revving up your metabolic rate, incorporating intervals can make a huge difference in belly bulge. Instead of running at the same pace for your entire workout, switch it up with bursts of fast running and mini cool downs. Or try walking, running, sprinting and then dialling things back to walking. Go Longer Try lengthening your workout as this is key to torching calories and lowering your amount of overall body fat. Start adding five extra minutes in to your run, and work your way up. This will increase your calorie-burn rate so you can see results faster! High Knees Slim that belly down and reveal the tight, toned abs that hide underneath by working your core. Just a one minute cardio session of high knees each day can shred your stomach, and this move can be done literally anywhere. Hit The Tread With This Killer Move If you run on the treadmill, give this amazing move a try. Set the pace to 1.0 mph and put your feet on a Plyo Box about two feet behind the back of the tread. Start in plank position straddling the belt with your hands. Place your hands on the belt and start walking while keeping your torso straight. Do this for one minute each day. For more core sculpting moves (and ones that will tone your other parts as well!) check out over 80 hours of BodyRock workouts on demand with Sweatflix℠! From our HIIT style bootcamps to yoga to our fat burn challenges, Sweatflix℠ has you covered! With new and exclusive content being added all the time, you'll never be bored again! Source: Pop Sugar    

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