The 5 Best (And Worst) Foods For Fighting Fatigue

In our world today, we are always connected. While that is a beautiful thing on some levels, when it comes to winding down at the end of the day and getting some much needed rest, it can spell disaster. Sometimes, this fatigue can hit you in the middle of a busy day. While you may be tempted to down an entire pot of coffee, there are better, healthier, and more effective ways to give yourself a boost. Sugar and caffeine give you a quick rush, but that rush is followed by a crash. So if you want energy that will last, look for foods that contain complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. With that in mind, here are some foods that will lift you up and a few others that will sabotage you every time!

Best Foods For Fatigue

1. Water

When you feel zapped, grab a glass of water. Dehydration may be at the center of your fatigue. It can cause headaches and problems concentrating. It can also put you in a terrible mood!

2. Bananas

One study found that bananas worked as well as sports drinks for keeping cyclists going! The fruit is loaded with potassium and contains other healthy nutrients like fiber and vitamin B-6. They are better for you than anything you will find in a bottle. [bctt tweet="The 5 Best (And Worst) Foods For Fighting Fatigue"]

3. Green Tea

Boosting your energy is the only benefit you can get from green tea! The combination of caffeine and L-theanine will give you a pick-me-up without any of the jitters. Green tea is amazing for getting your metabolism revving and can also, as some studies suggest, help improve brainpower. This is really good if you know you have to really focus!

4. Almonds

Certain types of fat can be good for you! Almonds are loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats, which help boost energy levels when you're feeling low.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is not only high in fiber but carries a fairly good dose of protein. It is also stabilizes blood sugar levels. And you know what all of that means? That's right, boosted energy. Just make sure to avoid instant oatmeal as it is often loaded with sugar. Remember, this traditional breakfast food is versatile and can be eaten any time of day!

Worst Foods For Fatigue

1. Honey

Yes, honey does have some healthy benefits, but it shouldn't be your go-to if you're looking for sustained energy! Adding it to your tea or yogurt will give you a quick rush that spikes your blood sugar. However, what goes up, can and will, come crashing down.

2. Energy Drinks

Highly caffeinated energy drinks often seem like a good idea, but they are not. The high amounts of sugar and caffeine will amp your body up and leave you feeling both dehydrated and even more fatigued.

3. White Bread

Complex carbs are good for keeping your energy levels steady, however simple carbs, like white bread are not. They raise and drop your blood sugar, which is the last thing you are looking for.

4. Candy

Again, candy is great for a quick, short burst of energy yet the crash you experience after will be far worse than the fatigue you felt going in.

5. Junk Food

The garbage food we crave so much, and is so readily available, is a nightmare when it comes to energy levels. There is lots of research out there that shows a diet high in processed foods can lead to weight gain and a more sedentary lifestyle. There is no upside to that scenario! When you find your energy levels dipping during the day, what are your go-to snacks? Source: Greatist  

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