The 5 Most Common Reasons People Give Up On Losing Weight

Putting ON weight is a lot easier (and more fun) than taking it off. No matter how you gained the weight or how much you have to lose, 5 pounds or 205 pounds, it will be difficult. But don't let the roadblocks or obstacles stand in your way. Here are the top 5 reasons people give up their weight loss goals and how to prevent them from taking you down too! lose weight

It's Taking Too Long

Remember how you gained weight slowly over the course of your freshman year? Well, the pounds have to come off slowly too. As soon as you accept this, it will no longer be an obstacle. Safe weight loss is about 1 or 2 pounds a week. So, do the math and you will have an idea how long it will take before you're even close to your goal. Use the time to celebrate your smaller goals to keep yourself motivated. [bctt tweet="Don't let these obstacles stand in your way! "]

You're Hungry All the Time

You cannot consume more calories than you are expending if you hope to lose weight. If you are choosing high-calorie foods, you will only be able to have a few bites to stay within your limits. That will leave you feeling hungry. Similarly, if you are skipping meals in order to fit in these high-calorie foods, you will be hungry most of the day. Instead choose foods that are high in water like fruit, low-calorie like vegetables and high in fiber like whole grains. These foods will fill you up longer which prevents those hunger pangs. lemon water

You Miss Your Favorite Foods

Pizza, fries, ice cream. It is hard to lose weight if you spend all your time thinking about the foods you can no longer eat. But, the plain and simple truth is that diets are not sustainable. If you are on an eating plan that is too restrictive, you will not be able to keep it up. If you eat healthy most of the time, you will be able to have your favourite foods now and then. A little splurge will prevent you from feeling deprived and help you stay the course.

You Hate Exercising

If you don't like running on a treadmill, don't. There is bound to be a physical activity that you enjoy so find it, and do it. Perhaps you don't like working out alone, join a class or enlist a fit friend to help. The more fun and excitement you can create around your workouts, the more likely you will be to do them. And don't forget to mix things up now and then. If you've found a workout you love, that's great but you don't want to burn yourself out on it either. inpost-lose-weight-2

You've Tried Everything And Nothing Works

When you are eating right and exercising and that number on the scale isn't moving, it can be frustrating. There are lots of reasons this can happen. You might not be doing the 'right' exercises or perhaps you are eating too many healthy foods that are high in calories. If you need to, seek advice from a professional, like a nutritionist or a personal trainer. Another great option is joining a weight loss program that offers regular support. You may be making tiny little mistakes and not even know it! Keep heart and ask for help! Have you overcome any of these obstacles? Tell us how! Source: Women's Health, POPSUGAR  

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