The 6 Common Foods That Vegetarians Can't Eat

Choosing to not eat meat seems fairly straight-forward. But what many people don't realize is the amount of everyday foods that actually contain meat. From candy to beer, what can be found on the ingredient list will really surprise you! Here are just six of the most common foods that herbivores must stay away from: #1 Apple Pie With Fall around the corner, you might be craving a warm slice of all American apple pie. But for vegetarians, the lard content in this tasty treat means it's a no go. Lard is created from animal fat, so any pie baked with this ingredient is against the rules. #2 Taco Bell Reduced Fat Sour Cream taco bell sour cream vegetarian fast food Taco Bell is a place where I would suspect to find questionable traces of meat in just about anything. So it doesn't surprise me that there is some lurking in their sour cream. Gelatin is the culprit in this condiment which is made from the bones of animals. #3 White Sugar Refined white sugar comes with a sprinkling of bone char. It acts as a sort of whitening agent, because apparently white sugar is just not white enough... There now is vegan sugar available on the market which is completely ground-animal-bone free. #4 Starburst starburst vegan candy The first two ingredients in Starburst are sugar and sugar. After that comes gelatin, just like in Taco Bell's sour cream. In fact, many candies include the skin and bones of animals in their list of ingredients. #5 Activia Light Unfortunately, Activia Light has two ingredients which are not veggie-friendly. The first is the dreaded gelatin, and the second is a colouring compound called carmine. Carmine is made from powdered insect bodies that are then boiled to produce a crimson colour. #6 Beer beer guinness fish bladder Pint of fish bladder, anyone? If you're a lover of beer (especially Guinness and many other British beers) than you'll be interested to know that trace amounts of Isinglass (fish bladder) are often blended into your brew. The good news is that there are many vegan beers on the market which don't contain animal organs. What are your thoughts? Do you know of any surprising foods that aren't vegetarian friendly? Source: Huffington Post

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