The 7 Dudes All Women Need To Avoid While Dating

When you think of the guy every girl should stay away from when dating, you usually think of "the player". The classic stereotype that totally pulls the wool over your eyes and then ends up having 6 other girlfriends on the side. But the dating pool is much more vast and has a whole host of guys who are bad news. It's not just the risk of getting played that should have you running for the hills. dating nightmares advice

#1 Mr. Damaged Goods

He is the guy who has been burned by a previous relationship and cannot recover. He can't trust, is resentful and is a fan of thinking that 'all women are the same'. He is the type of man who needs to seek counselling before entering a new romance so he can heal from the past. He is not someone you want to go into a relationship with.

#2 Mr. Man-Child

He is 25 and still acts like he's in his senior year of high school. You have to remind him to clean up after himself and you physically can't get him off of the couch when he's playing Call Of Duty. He still works at the burger place where he started at 16 and has to ask mom for money every now and then. Don't get sucked in by Mr. Man-Child!

#3 Mr. Commitment-Phobe

He might have a good job, a nice place and an adventurous spirit, but he will never be able to settle down and give you what you need. His plan is to date and sleep with as many women as he can until he's reached a certain age. Or perhaps, he might just remain a bachelor for life.

#4 Mr. Narcissist

He loves himself more than he could ever love a mate. These dudes are attracted to women who are passive and don't like to ruffle feathers. The narcissist guys are calculated and manipulative, thriving on the passive admiration. Mr. Narcissist will crumble your self-esteem while boosting his own ego. [bctt tweet="The 7 Dudes All Women Need To Avoid While Dating"]

#5 Mr. Booty Call

Does he only call you after 10 to Netflix and Chill? Was he all sweet talk until he got to sleep with you and is now giving you the cold shoulder? Mr. Booty Call is superficial and all about getting it on. He is in no way the guy you should be falling for!

#6 Mr. Mooch

Mr. Mooch preys on women who are financially stable and kind-hearted. They will open their home and their heart to Mr. Mooch and not see his arrogant, thieving ways until it is too late. He will make promises to pay you back but never fulfill them. He's done this before and will do it again, so get out while you can.

#7 Mr. Big Talk

He's the man with all the plans. He's going to take you to London, have a grandiose wedding and have children with you. Don't worry though, he'll always have an excuse as to why these things don't pan out or it's not the right time. You'll be left hanging on his words, but in the end that is all you will have. Tag a friend who can relate! What are your most embarrassing dating stories? Source: Elite Daily [caption id="attachment_121302" align="alignleft" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_121301" align="alignleft" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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