The 7 Kinds Of Infidelity: Is Your Partner Having An Affair?

Cheating isn't always a physical affair. While many of us are quick to wonder if the connection our partner may be having with another person is getting intimate, we often do not consider the emotional affairs that are as prevalent as the physical ones. Here are the 7 kinds of infidelity you would not expect to discover: #1 The Work Spouse the work wife husband We all have a friend at work that we laugh with, have lunch with and sometimes confide in. But sometimes connections run deeper in the workplace and we find ourselves in a near-relationship with a coworker. Your partner may take comfort in having a close confidant who works in the trenches with them, but not letting their at-home partner in on what goes on at the office can be considered infidelity. #2 Social Media Flirting guy on computer social media flirting Maybe it's as simple as an old college friend liking a new profile picture and leaving a comment like "hey good looking". Or perhaps your partner has taken it farther by messaging them or carrying on a flirtatious convo that they haven't let you know about. Social media can be a fantasy land of the life we want to portray, and our interactions on there may not translate into real life, but sometimes they do. #3 A Phone Affair smartphone distracting It's not about who your partner is talking to or what he's doing as he stares at that little screen. It's about his phone robbing you of an intimate dinner and stealing from your vacation where you are alone together with all of his emails, texts and reminders beeping in his pocket. A smartphone can be an entity in an affair even though it's not a person. #4 The BFF platonic friendship affair Is your partner a little too close to their best friend of the opposite s*x? Having friends is wonderful and being close with them is important. But if your partner shares more secrets with his close friend than with you, than something is definitely not okay! #5 Emotional Connections With Strangers emotional connections with strangers If your partner likes to be alone in public a lot and is very open to talk with people they meet, they could be searching for a sense of anonymous opportunity with strangers. This doesn't mean s*x; it means they are looking to fill a void that they can't at home. Making emotional connections with people they meet on the subway, or at the local cafe or on a flight home is the start of something bigger and more detrimental. #6 A Porn Addiction porn addiction cheating Is your partner hooked on porn? Watching others have s*x to a point of addiction can negatively impact a couple's love life and leave a big intimacy gap between the two of them. This may not be thought of as cheating, but it is causing the same effects as an affair would have by straining your relationship. #7 Fantasies sexual fantasies S*xual fantasies are a healthy part of being a sensual human. But when your partner's fantasies involve things that make you feel uncomfortable, that's when red flags go up. Perhaps your partner suggests bringing a third party into the bedroom, or having you pretend to be someone else. This may be innocent, but it can also signal something is not right in your relationship. What are your thoughts? How did you tell that your partner was having an affair? Source: Shape Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_115982" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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