The 7 Traits Men Find As Attractive As Looks

Guys get a bad rep for being superficial when it comes to attraction. Many women think that just looking good is enough to have a man fall for them. But there are hidden traits that men pick up on which really get them hooked on you. Find out the 7 secret traits that you probably already have and just never noticed: #1 Kindness kindness attraction While magazines focus on what’s in the mirror, most guys are interested in what’s in your heart. Kindness is a huge attraction-factor for dudes who are definitely taking note when you hold the door open for another person or offer to spare some change for someone in need. #2 Boldness making the first move When you make the first move it’s a major turn-on for men. Skip playing it cool and go for what you want. Research suggests that being bold enough to ask him out on a date can act like an aphrodisiac for a man, and using good eye contact and positive body language only makes you seem s*xier. #3 Positivity positivity attitude Being positive about life and open to new adventures has been scientifically proven to heighten your number on the attractiveness scale! This doesn't mean you have to be overly enthusiastic or a 24/7 optimist, but it does mean that having a glass-half-full approach to life makes you a more viable date. #4 You're Honest communication honesty Being forthcoming about yourself is way better than trying to hide who you are. Men pick up right away on someone who is honest and trustworthy and are instantly attracted to them. Scientific studies have shown that people who are perceived to be honest also appear happier, healthier and more physically attractive. #5 You Fight Right discussing fighting emotions Knowing how to fight properly when conflict arises is a skill. You need to be able to state your opinion without getting in petty jabs or defaming your partner on a personal level. You need to know how to move past certain issues with resolution, instead of harping on the same old stories. People who know how to fight, are ultimately more attractive to guys. #6 You Can Express Your Quirky Side quirky traits dating Not shying away from being a total Harry Potter nerd or playing in a folk band makes you far more interesting and approachable. Girls with a little quirky side tend to have more depth, and set you a part from the rest of the dating scene. #7 You Make Time For You living life healthy relationship You know how to live your own life outside of a relationship. You're not dependant, clingy or needy 24-7. Having your own interests, friend groups and hobbies helps keep a relationship healthy and your potential partner will pick up on that right away. Do you possess any of these traits? What do you find most attractive about a partner? Source: Shape Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110622" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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