The 9 Greatest Ways To Reduce Body Fat!

Anyone who has truly tried knows that losing body fat isn't such an easy thing to do. It seems to become especially difficult when you are down to your last 10 pounds! So frustrating! But don't lose heart, these tips and hints are sure to help no matter where you are in the journey! reduce fat

1. Low intensity steady state cardio

This type of cardio is best if you are overweight. It allows you to gradually build into a more intense routine without putting undue stress on your body right out the gate. Aim for 60-80% effort for 30-60 minutes at a time.

2. HIIT training

High intensity interval training is a fairly advanced type of cardio that is aimed at fast fat loss. This type of training sees really intense output for an interval followed by a rest or lower intensity interval. What separates HIIT from steady state cardio is that HIIT boosts your metabolism and creates an after burn that continues to burn fat hours after the workout is complete.

3. Cardio after weight training or first thing in the morning

In the morning, on an empty stomach, or right after a weight session, your glycogen levels will be depleted. This means that your body will burn fat for fuel. But this combo is not essential for fat loss. Studies have shown that fat loss occurs faster this way but if you find it difficult to workout on an empty stomach or after weight training, it is more than okay to do it at another time. Listen to your body.

4. Cut back on bad fats and eat clean

Eating the wrong kind of fat will lead to fat gain. But eating good fats, like those found in avocados, nuts and fish will help your body burn more fat when all is said and done. Avoid processed, sugar filled foods. And watch out for "low fat" foods. They are often worse than the original as they replace the fat with a whole whack of other terrible things. Try to eat foods that have one ingredient and are as close to their natural state as possible. Doing so ensures you'll be getting all the beneficial nutrients they contain.

5. Drink a gallon of water a day

Drinking more than your usual intake of water a day has been proven to aid weight loss. Water helps the liver convert fat for energy use.

6. Cut out alcohol

Ditching alcohol is beneficial to weight loss. Drinking fills you with empty calories, reduces appetite and can decrease testosterone levels for up to 24 hours. Testosterone goes a long way to helping burn fat and build muscle. Upon consumption, our body turns alcohol into acetate which is used instead of fat for energy.

7. Fat burner supplements

Fat burners have a thermogenic effect on the body and create a faster fat burn. But they won't work without the proper diet, nutrition and exercise already in place. They aren't miracle workers.

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential to weight loss. Recovery and growth happen when we sleep. Besides, if you aren't getting enough sleep,  your insulin sensitivity decreases which can lead to fat storing! If you are feeling tired, you'll also be far more likely to skip your workouts.

9. Increase your protein intake

Protein rich foods help you feel satiated and they have a higher thermogenic effect. Did you know that for every 100 calories you consume, your body burns up to 20% of that just by breaking it down? Did you find any helpful hints here? What helps you blast fat? Source: MyProtein  

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