The 9 Sassy Thoughts Everyone Has While Scrolling Through #Fitstagram Photos

There is a new definition in 2015 of what a "show-off" is. It used to refer to someone who bragged about their fitness goals is person, but now the show-offs are lurking on your smartphone and projecting an idealistic, Valencia-filtered life that you just can't seem to achieve. You're not normally one to complain, but you can't help but make a few snarky remarks when looking through #Fitstagram. #1 "Who puts that much work into a shoe pic? That's more artistic than my wedding photos!" fitstagram shoe picture #2 "Traffic can wait, this is for #Fitstagram." yoga spilt in street #3 "Since when is topless yoga a trend?" topless yoga handstand #4 "We get it! You're a total beast! Did you really need to show us 7 times?" muscles women back legs #5 "My yoga studio's window overlooks a concrete building. That's cool though." beautiful scenery meditation #6 "You probably spent more time arranging stuff for this pic than actually packing." vacation packing photo #7 "So you all look flawless even when you're sweaty and gross? I wish." running jogging #8 "Uh, the beach is supposed to be relaxing. No weights allowed." working out on the beach #9 "I can do that in my living room but I guess I have to on a freaking CLIFF to get 100 likes." exercising in nature What are your thoughts on #Fitstagram? Source: Women's Health  

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