The Alkaline Diet: Does it Really Shed Pounds?

When you try to lose weight, your body’s acidic level may be off track. We spend our time counting calories and carbs. But who knew we were supposed to keep track of our body’s acidic level as well? More people are testing out their acidic level and thinking entirely different about their urine. Does this actually work? Why is this so popular? Diet has been around for quite a while, but it’s been increasingly popular. Celebrities, such as Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kelly Ripa are all into the diet thing. Some of the dieters even mention how they have a pee-strip content so they can see who can get the most neutral pH level. Yuck! When your body is acidic, it can be harder to lose weight. pH levels range from 0-14. When you are towards very alkaline, your body is like a fat-fighting machine! When you eat acidic food, it can throw off your pH levels significantly and the pounds will start to pack on. Does it Even Work? The theory behind it is actually interesting to many celebs, due to the weight loss power. But, the plan bans soda, coffee, alcohol, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, grains, eggs, meat, and dairy. All of those foods will throw a pH level off. What you will be able to eat is vegetables, legumes, nuts, and fruit. All of those foods have acid-neutralizing and high alkaline properties. What is significantly helping this diet is that the dieter is turning their body alkaline and is cutting blood sugar spikes and calories that are caused from eating high amounts of carbohydrates, as well as high sugar foods. Caroline Cederquist, who is an MD, mentioned how she has no scientific evidence that this diet will work. The diet is very low in animal protein, which means most of the dieters are losing muscle along with fat. That’s not good for your health – you need muscle. Skipping out on animal proteins can cause a vitamin B-12 deficiency, as well as anemia. Will it Make You Healthier? The alkalizing made a claim that the organs were meant to function in a neutral and alkaline state. When you reduce the amount of acid in your diet, it makes your entire body healthier. Your body should remain the optimal PH level on its own – so what is all the fuss about then? The body will typically keep itself between 7.35 and 7.45 as long as you don’t have any kidney or lung conditions. The bones, blood, kidneys, and lungs all detect specific change within the blood pH level. It’s not good for your body to become too alkaline either. If your pH level gets somewhere between 7.46 and 14, your lungs will start to slow down your breathing, which can drop the levels of carbon dioxide within the body. If the body becomes too acidic, the kidneys will secrete a substance that will bring the acid levels within the blood back down again to around 7.45 or even lower. What Are The Urine Strips About, Then? If the body keeps your blood pH level evenly balanced, how are the alkaline dieters claiming to get pH levels less acidic? The urine pH strips are solely a level for your urine pH, not the pH of your blood. The blood and urine pH are actually two separate things. Urine is a waste that is eliminated by your kidneys. Your urine pH level will change due to what you drink or eat. A urine pH strip will determine if the waste is acidic. The blood pH will always have a level of acidity around 7.35 and 7.45. The truth is that the diet doesn’t work the way people think it does. You may shed some pounds with the diet, but it is mainly because you are cutting out carbohydrates and processed food. It doesn’t have anything to do with the body’s pH levels. It is not your pH level that changed, it is just your urine that has. To efficiently lose weight, go ahead and eat more vegetables and fruit. However, still keep those refined foods and sugar out of your body. Don’t think twice about the alkaline diet, just stay clear from carbs, sugar, and processed food. What are your thoughts on this diet? Have you tried it? Source: Women's Health Magazine  

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