The Beauty Diet: Feel good on the inside, look good on the outside

Consuming a diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables (full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), complete protein sources (like quinoa, legumes, nuts, seeds and greens) and healthy fats (like Extra Virgin Olive, Coconut oil and avacados) the body is fueled with what it needs to run efficiently. And like a car engine, when the right fuels are put into the vehicle, no damage occurs. So the sooner we start eating clean foods and cut out the damaging foods -- the sooner we can prevent damage and preserve our youthful looks.   But what if you've incurred some visible "damage"? Like limp or dry hair. Dull, red eyes. Uneven skin tone.. -- it's not too late!  My friend,  you have a lot to look forward to! The body is an absolute miracle worker. From healing cuts and broken bones, to growing babies or competing in a triathlon; think of what it can do! Regeneration at the cellular level allows all of these events to occur. And if we provide the body with the right nourishment, we can actually reverse most ailments and damage. So the sooner we eliminate the toxic junk food from our diet (foods like dairy, red-meat, gluten products and processed foods) the sooner our bodies are able to start regenerating and repairing. When we eat good quality fuel (organic vegan choices) we gain energy instead of using our finite energy trying to eliminate the toxic stuff. What will this do for your outward appearance? Balance and full spectrum nourishment in your body means you will look and feel more vibrant -- because within yourself, everything is working as it should. You will be feeling great from the inside - out!   Here are some results of a well rounded vegan infused lifestyle; Your hair will come back to life: you will see texture you never had before Your nails will shine and grow quickly Your eyes will glisten: the whites - whiter Existing acne or blemishes will clear up. Your skin will be balanced - no need for products. And it will look the best it ever has Collagen production will be more efficient which means plump skin Tender and inflamed gums will heal You won't have stinky breath or body odor (no rotting meat, or fermenting dairy products in your gut!) Your body will eliminate waste daily (yes, #2) making you feel light each day Yeast infections will subside Welcome back your libido And you will emanate energy which is an attractive, youthful quality. If done properly you will also get back to your "set weight". Your set weight is your ideal body weight, not the ideal number you'd like to see on the scale. This is the weight that you intuitively know you should be at.     I began detoxing from my old eating habits back in 2010.  By "detoxing" I mean that I started to buy dairy-free alternatives (like almond milk instead of cows milk) and stopped buying bread or pasta containing gluten -- instead centering most of my meals around the super seed quinoa. And since I never ate meat once I moved out of my parents house,  I just carried on not eating meat.  I also started to cut out processed, sugary foods (which we tend to grab out of convenience) and got something simple and unprocessed like fruit instead. Changing my eating habits took months, almost a year. It's very hard to relearn habits and I'm kinda stubborn! - I was a big food lover. But I remained patient and soon the benefits I saw and felt were great rewards for my efforts. Soon enough, my cravings for my old favorites ceased. Just speaking on esthetics, I first noticed how much my skin improved. I used to have terrible skin, even after a cycle of Accutane. But once I changed my diet my skin cleared - and has been clear ever since.  And not just clear, radiant. I stopped wearing makeup and I surprise myself by saying I haven't worn or bought makeup since 2010 (!!). That's crazy coming from me, because I used to love the process of primping. I think that once I started caring about what I put in my body, I began to be conscious of what I put on my body to. I noticed my hair became more voluminous. I used to have flat, limp, fine hair. But when I made the transition to vegan food choices I noticed my hair wasn't getting nearly as greasy. And I'm not sure when exactly I made the decision to stop using shampoo, but I did. I guess I just didn't feel like it was necessary anymore. Now I just use a coconut + essential oil based shampoo bar from time to time and haven't bought conventional shampoos/conditioners since 2010! And me and my hair have never been happier together. I also don't moisturize my skin. I rarely need to! I may use coconut oil or shea butter  occasionally (mix these two ingredients together for a awesome moisturizer), usually in the dry winters or as a natural sun block. And guess what else I don't use? Deodorant. When our diet is clean and full of fresh fruits and veggies, we empty our system daily (by going to the bathroom). This means we don't have nasty build up in our bodies -- there is nothing rotting in our colons so we are not permeating a stench. Yes I sweat, but if i shower regularly I do not smell bad. And essential oils will make you smell lovely (think lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, vanilla...). Keep in mind that I was that girl who loved her products. I owned and wore lots of makeup, had hair extensions at one point, tanned, used several different moisturizers, loved perfume... But I've really simplified my life and saved money and time by not buying or using these type of products.   Feel good from the inside - out , and you will become your most beautiful self.   Freya

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