The Belly Bloat Battle: How To Stay Deflated All Day Long

Nothing bums you out more than feeling bloated. The big belly, the sluggish mood, the general discomfort. A lot of eating habits can cause us to feel extra stuffed. Here is the ultimate guide from nutrition experts on how to deflate your digestive system and return to optimal health: 1) Avoid these key culprits: Stomach swelling foods are often high in sugar, salt and chemical additives. This means you should avoid anything that is prepackaged and processed. Not only will nixing these foods keep you bloat-free, it will also help you lose weight and do wonders for your blood pressure, cholesterol level and immune system. salt 2) Hydrate the right way: Start your day with a warm cup of water and lemon. Drinking plenty of water flushes excess fluids out of your system so they don't stick around and bloat you up. Green tea is another great beverage for preventing and calming bloating, as it's a metabolism-igniter and system cleanser. It's also important to avoid carbonated drinks and soda - bubbles and added sugars make a bad mix. lemon water 3) Eat these superfoods: Steamed veggies like artichokes and asparagus have compounds which make your gut bacteria very happy so you won't blow up like a balloon. Fennel is a wonderful additive to dishes for aiding stomach issues and dandelion greens help rid the body of any excess fluids. Lean meats like salmon make satisfying, gas-free entrees. Pro tip: for poultry and beef, look for grass-fed on the label as this is important for ensuring easier digestion. salmon What are your tips for keeping bloating and gas at bay? Try our recommendations and let us know your results!

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