The Best Girls Night Out Starts at Home

A study by Malibu Rum reveals that women spend more time getting ready for a girls night out than for a night out with their beau. Women are also more likely to wear glitzy outfits when out with gal pals.

Over 2,000 women were polled, and the results were enlightening, but not all that surprising. Women spend about 40 minutes getting ready for a date with their significant other, and 1 hour and 3 minutes getting ready for a night with the girls. The actual act of getting ready is only a fraction of the battle for beauty; the average woman spends 8 hours and 19 minutes shopping online for new clothes, emailing friends, looking into venues and planning what to wear before they even head out. 44% of the women said they prefer the pre-outing process more than the night out on the town.

Getting ready with friends, sipping drinks, sharing clothes and makeup provides an intimate bonding experience.Apparently, almost 2/3 of the women polled also reported caring more about what their friends thought about their appearance than their man. They also reported comparing their look to their friends appearance.

Perhaps this is because the women feel their friends can appreciate the effort more than their partners, or maybe it is just about friendly-competition - or maybe it’s a bit of both. In any case, it seems the best girls nights out start before they even leave the house.

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