The Biggest Secret In Weight Loss: The Do More Good Strategy

If weight loss is not coming easy to you, you may find yourself searching the web to glean as much information as possible to find the 'secret' to weight loss. Is it eating nothing but watermelon for a week? It is cutting carbs or fats? What is the magic portion size that makes pounds melt? For writer Thomas Winterman, he was a man obsessed with finding that secret. But the truth is he didn't take off 90 pounds by cracking some mysterious weight loss code. Along with diet and exercise, he employed the Do More Good (DMG) strategy. lose weight in one way This strategy is not really rocket science, it's based upon common sense. It simply comes down to becoming aware of the habits you usually exhibit, and swapping them for something better. For instance, when you go to your regular lunch spot each week, swap the greasy, double bacon and cheese burger for a lean turkey patty. Or cut the bacons. Or cut at least one of the bacons. It's all about creating a new normal. You will find that you stop craving chocolate ice cream if you get a daily fix of cocoa and banana smoothie. And once you start replenishing your body with better food, you won't be able to stop. The DMG is also a part of exercise. Stop waiting for the elevator and climb the stairs. Go for a run on your break instead of hanging around the break room. This DMG strategy worked wonders for Thomas, and can work for you too! It is simple psychology. What are your thoughts? How have you improved your eating and exercise habits? Source: Psych Today Do you follow us on Instagram?
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