The Blood Type Diet Might Be The Key To Your Weightloss

Although many of you (myself included) are suspicious of diets that sound like fads or rituals, the blood type diet works more as an explanation. It explains, based on blood grouping, why some people lose weight more easily than others. Some claim this diet, invented by nutritionist Dr Peter D'Adamo, is bogus with no scientific basis while others argue it is a miracle for not only their weightloss but their overall health and well being. Are you curious about it but don't really know what it would look like for you? Karen Veto, author of The Blood Type Diet CookBook, shared a breakdown -- and some advice -- with Sofeminine. Check it out:

Blood Group O

This group has a slower metabolism which means that eating lots of food will impact you right away. Red meat is perfect for people in this blood group. Dairy should come from ewe or goat milk as your body is more likely to store fat from products made with cow's milk. Eggs should be limited to hen and duck and not be consumed more than 6 times a week. People in this group are prone to IBS and constipation so the elimination of wheat and most dairy are going to be useful moves. ogood obad

Blood Group A

This group is the most prone to stress which, of course, can impact your eating habits and weight. Stress stops the body from breaking down food properly so destressing is particularly important here. People in this group don't do well eating meat and should probably look to eliminate all meat products. Avoid rich meats like lamb, mutton, duck, veal, pheasant and game. Chicken and salmon are still okay if you aren't looking to give it up completely. agood abad

Blood Group B

This is a pretty rare group. Like A, they are prone to stress and weight complications but have a speedy metabolism to break things down quickly. A fast metabolism means you can eat lots of meat and because of this, the rich gamey ones are best. And unlike other blood groups, B's tolerate lactose really well. Lucky devils! bgood bbad

Blood Group AB

This extremely rare group is the really lucky ones. They enjoy the benefits of both blood group A and blood group B which means they can more or less eat anything. To lose weight quickly in this group, eliminating wheat is a great place to start. Cheese can be hit or miss so listen to your body. abgood abbad Have you followed the Blood Group Diet? Did it work for you? Share with us! Source: Sofeminine  

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