The Brazilian Pageant That Prides Ladies on Their Backsides

Big butts are a big thing in Brazil, so it only makes sense that there is a South American beauty pageant called Miss Bumbum 2015, which, as the name suggests, is a contest in Sao Paolo that judges ladies on their rears. The fifth annual contest was won by Suzy Cortez. "The Miss Bum-Bum competition is to elect Brazil's most beautiful bum," said Cacau Oliver, who is the organizer of the contest. This is the Miss BumBum contest in Brazil. More than 500 women and their lovely rumps competed in the pageant, which was then narrowed down to 15 contestants, each representing one of the Brazilian states. The winner, Cortez, hails from Distrito Federal, and was followed by the runner up, representative of Minas Gerais Camila Gomes. Dani Sperle of Rio de Janeiro came in third. Of her win Cortez said, "I've been preparing myself for the past four months. I've always wanted to win this contest. I dedicated myself completely. I dieted and did rigorous training." This is the Miss BumBum contest in Brazil. While the competition is meant to celebrate the beautiful bums of Brazil, it's also proven to take its toll on contestants, with one woman named Andressa Urach almost dying last year after a procedure to enhance her butt began to rot. Because of this, the 2015 contestants had to prove that they did not undergo surgery or use chemical products in order to plump up their bottoms, which are, as you can tell, a national pride in Brazil. What are your thoughts on this contest? Do you think it is too superficially based or a great way to celebrate a beautiful and powerful body part? Source: Mirror [caption id="attachment_117241" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram link @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_117242" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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