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Today's Coffee Talk Jacqui packed Episode 11 full of high cardio plyometric moves and upper body sculpting exercises.  The combination of the two will leave you absolutely drenched with sweat! Do you remember your very first BodyRock workout?  Do you remember how or why you found BodyRock?  Some found us looking for new, fresh workout ideas.  Others found us because they were going on vacation and wanted to be in the best shape of their life.  And yet others found us because they wanted to find themselves again.  We all came for different reasons.  What we ended up creating was a powerful home workout movement where BodyRockers from all over the world join together to push each other, to build each other up and be there for one another.  We love seeing our BodyRock Tribe getting stronger both mentally and physically - getting pushed pass the limits we once had for ourselves and continuously reaching for the stars. This why we love doing what we do - why we got back to creating daily real-time HIITs.  Whether you're new or a seasoned BodyRocker, if you love what we're all about, share the love with your friends and family - it takes only a second to share and best of all - it's FREE! As always, please post or comments or questions on the  BodyRock Facebook page or the Jacqui Light - BodyRock page!  We look forward to seeing your feedback! For today's workout I used the following equipment: dailyhiit show bodyrock weighted vest Bodyrock sandbag bodyrock balance trainer bodyrock straight bar bar and weights See all equipment in the store: Enjoy your Daily Hiit Workout, the breakdown is below! Jack x

Episode 11: Upper Body Blast | Breakdown

Set your timers to 40 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest!

1. Shoulder Taps + Upright Rows

Start in plank.  Do 1 push-up and then touch your right hand to left shoulder.  Do another push-up and touch your left hand to right shoulder.  Hop feet up around hands, grab the sandbag and as you stand up, engage your shoulders, raise your elbows to the sides and draw the bag straight up to chest height.

2. Sandbag Swings + Tuck Jumps

Start standing.  Do 4 single arm sandbag swings with your right arm, drop the sandbag between your legs and do 1 tuck jump.  Do 4 single arm sandbag swings with your left arm, drop the sandbag between your legs and do 1 tuck jump.

3. Tricep Dips + Push-ups

Using the balance trainer.  Do 4 tricep dips - Start seated with your hands at your hips and fingertips facing front.  Engage your arms, core and glutes as you inch forward slightly and lift yourself off the balance trainer.  Bend your elbows to lower your body and then engage your triceps to lift you back up.  After the 4th tricep dip, turn over and do 4 tricep push-ups.  Repeat.

4. Single Arm Burpees

Do 4 single arm burpees - plant your left hand down, hop your feet back to come into a single arm plank.  Hop your feet back up to your hands and jump straight up. That’s 1 burpee - do 4.  After the 4th one, do 1 push-up and then repeat with the other arm.

5. Shoulder Press + 1/2 Turn

Start standing with weights in hands.  Squat down, your hands should be at shoulder height.  As your stand, press your arms straight up to complete a shoulder press.  Squat back down returning your hands to shoulder height.  Explosively jump up and do 1 half turn.  Land with soft knees.  Repeat the squat and shoulder press with the jumping half turn.


1. Incline Chest Press

Start laying on an incline.  Press the bar up and then lower it all the back down to your chest.  Make this a smooth motion.

2. Wide Push-ups + Pulses

Start in plank - your hands should be wide to really target the chest.  Lower down and do 3 tiny pulses, then do 1 full range of motion push-up.

3. Incline Chest Fly

Start laying on an incline.  Arms should be up in the air, weights should be in your hands parallel to one another.  Lower your arms to the sides and keep your elbows slightly bent the entire time.    Squeeze your chest as you raise your arms back to center.

4. In-Out Push-ups

Start in plank.  Walk your hands out wide, do 1 push-up.  Walk your hands back in, do 1 push-up.  Repeat.

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