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Today's Coffee Talk Total body conditioning with an ab burnout is the name of the game for Episode 13!  Jacqui incorporated some new moves that look fun but get ready to feel the burn! As you embark on your healthy lifestyle journey, I can't stress how important it is to surround yourself with people supporting your journey.  Too often, I see people taking action to improve their healthy habits and then have to deal with others trying to "derail" them.  This could be as harmless as poking fun at your healthy lunch, calling it rabbit food...but it can also be downright mean jabs thrown your way.  I like to refer to this "stuff" as noise.  As you continue to work on your healthy habits, make sure to put your blinders up and your ear muffs on to avoid the noise! You set a goal for yourself, you have a plan on how you're going to accomplish that goal - stay strong and stay the course!  I've said a number of times how these workouts are more than just the actual physical workout.  It's a mental and emotional challenge as well.  When others try "derailing" you, that's when your mental game has to stay strong.  I know it can be uncomfortable dealing with the noise, but the more you can stay strong, the easier it becomes!  On top of that you have your BodyRock Tribe at your fingertips!  Lean on us, we are here for you! We've been loving seeing all the feedback come through about the real times!  We love being back working out with you guys!  Please keep the feedback coming!  Post your comments or questions on the  BodyRock Facebook page or the Jacqui Light - BodyRock page!  If you love seeing these workouts, please share them with your friends and family! For today's workout I used the following equipment: dailyhiit show See all of our equipment and much more in the store: Enjoy your Daily Hiit Workout, the breakdown is below! Jack x

Episode 13: Full Body Blast | Breakdown

Set your timers to 40 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest!

1.  Mountain Climbers + Box Jumps

Start in plank.  Do 10 mountain climbers, followed by 2 push-ups and hop to your feet and do 2 box jumps.

2.  Crunch Roll Through

Start on your back in a hollowed out position (legs extended out front hovering 2 inches off the ground, core engaged and fingertips at your ears).  Crunch your knees in as your upper meets your knees in the middle.  Extend back out to the starting position.  Crunch up to a seated position, but continue to roll forward and hop your feet back to plank.  Do 1 half burpee (hop your feet to your hands and then hop them back to plank).  Hop your feet back up to your hands as you come to your butt to roll back down to the hollowed out starting position.

3.  Clean + Press

Start standing with the bar at your feet.  Squat down as you pull the bar up and roll your elbows forward, come to a squatted position.  As you stand up, press the bag straight over head.  Reverse the motion to return to your starting position.  Repeat.

4.  Shin Taps + High Knees

Start in plank, pull your right knee into your chest.  Touch your left hand to your right shin.  Return to plank and repeat with the left leg and right hand.  Do that 4 times and then hop to your feet to do 4 high knees.

5.  Traveling Squat + Reach

Start standing in the center of your mat.  Hop backwards.  Squat down reaching your left hand to right foot.  Hop forward 2 paces.  Squat down reaching your left hand to right foot.


1. Crossbody Abs

Start laying on your back, body in an X.  Crunch up reaching your right hand to left foot.  Lower back down and then crunch up reaching your left hand to right foot.

2. Tuck Abs

Start laying on your back, body in an X.  Crunch up into a tucked position.  Lower back down.

3. High-Low Plank

Start in plank.  Lower down to your right elbow, then left elbow.  Then push back up with your right arm, followed by your left arm.  Alternate your leading arm!

4. Knee to Elbow

Start in plank.  Pull your right knee across your body to your left elbow, return to plank and pull your right knee to your right elbow.  Return to plank and repeat left leg.

5. Hip Dips

Lower down to bent arm plank.  Dip your right hip down to the mat, return to plank and then dip your left hip to the mat.

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