The DailyHiit Show | Episode 18 | Presented by BodyRock

Today's Coffee Talk Hi BodyRockers!! Sean Light is bringing you a full body HIIT that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and sweat dripping!  Don't miss this one if you're wanting a good ol' fashion hard core workout!  As we come into the new year and start thinking about resolutions, I challenge you to think about what you could be starting today rather than waiting for the new year.  What small change could you make right now?  Eat a home cooked meal more often?  Workout one more day during the week?  Whatever the change is, whatever new habit you're hoping to create, start now!  The momentum you'll be creating by starting now rather than waiting will be HUGE.  Creating a new habit requires you to plan ahead and be consistent.  You've got this!  With that, let's knock today's workout out! As always, let us know if you like today's HIIT.  Post your comments or questions on the  BodyRock Facebook page,  Jacqui Light - BodyRock Facebook page, or the Sean Light  - BodyRock Facebook Page!  If you love seeing these workouts, please share them with your friends and family! See all of our equipment and much more in the store: Enjoy your Daily Hiit Workout, the breakdown is below! Jack x

Episode 18: Sean Light Delight! | Breakdown

Set your timers to 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest!

Superset 1

1. High Knees + Tuck Jumps

Do 10 high knees followed by 5 tuck jumps.

2. Walking Push-up

Start in plank with your right hand on the Balance Trainer and the left hand on the ground.  Do 1 push up.  Keeping your feet planted walk you upper body to the right as your switch your hands out.  Now your right hand should be on the ground and your left hand on the Balance Trainer.

Superset 2

1. Low Jacks

Start standing and squatted down.  Hop your feet out and in while staying LOW!

2. Plank Jacks

Start in plank.  Hop your feet out and in 5 times, then lower your chest to hover a few inches off the ground and hop your feet out and in 5 times.

Superset 3

1. Side to Side Taps

Start in plank - your hands on the ground, your left foot on the balance trainer and right foot on the ground.  Move your left foot to the ground and the right foot to the balance trainer.  Repeat that side to side.

2. Burpees

Start standing.  Place hands on the ground, hop your feet back to come into plank, do 1 push-up.  Hop your feet back up to your hands and hop off the ground.

Superset 4

1. Push-up + Lift

Start in plank with your hands grabbing the sides of the Balance Trainer.  Do 1 push-up, hop your feet to your hands.  Stand and with arms straight and extended, lift the Balance Trainer up to chest height.  Lower back down to the starting position and repeat.

2. Jump Squats

Start standing.  Keeping your chest up, lower down into a squat and then jump up.  Land soft and immediately return to a squat and jump up.

Superset 5

1. Knees In Plank

Start in plank.  Slowly draw one knee to chest and then the other.

2. Side Touch

Start in plank and dip your hips side to side.

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