The DailyHiit Show | Episode 3 | Presented by BodyRock

Hi BodyRockers, Get ready to feel the burn! I'm back with Episode 3! I'm ready to train with you every day. We are bringing you fresh workouts you can do right in your living room. Never miss a DailyHiit Show and sign up for the workouts here and check the workouts box. The power in these daily sweat sessions is that they have this almost zen like ability to clear your mind from all the busy thoughts, worries and mental distractions that each of us deal with. It’s zen to a point, because these workouts will seriously kick you ass all over your living room! The positive in quieting your mind like this is that just like the fat torching after burn that these workouts provide, your mind will remain much clearer for hours after you train. The more you check in with us - by following along each day - the stronger this effect will be in your life. A bridge of calm will begin to form from day to day - strengthened with every workout - that will serve to strengthen and replenish you both mentally and physically. That is the power of what BodyRocking can do for you. Enjoy your Daily Hiit Workout! Share these workouts and send us your comments. We hope you are as excited about the return of real-time as we are! Jack x Take your workouts to the next level with our meal plans and equipment:

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