The DailyHiit Show | Season 2 | Episode 11 | Presented by BodyRock

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Episode 11: Brutal Upper Body Burn | Breakdown

Set your timers to 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

1. Plank Jack + Rows + Curls

Start in plank with weights in your hands.  Do 1 push-up.  Do 1 row with your right arm, followed by your left (squeeze your back and draw your elbow straight back).  Hop your feet to your hands and stand and then do 2 bicep curls.

2. Balance Trainer Walking Push-Up

Start in plank with your feet on the balance trainer.  Do 1 push up and then walk your hands back towards the balance trainer.  Bend your knees to 90 degree - keep your back flat and knees hovering off the ground.  Leading with your right foot - take your right foot to the right side of the balance trainer and then your left foot to the left side of the balance trainer.  Then walk your feet back to the top of the balance trainer.  Walk your hands back out to plank and repeat the exercise.

3. Tricep Lifts + Squat Pulses

Start standing with legs together and knees bent.  You should be holding the sandbag by the parallel grips behind your knees.  Engage your triceps and keep your arms locked out - do 4 tricep lifts with the bag.  Drop the bag behind your feet and hop backwards over the bag.  Grab the bag, bring it to chest height and do 4 squat pulses.  Drop the bag and hop over it.  Repeat exercise.

4. Plank Over the Mound

Start in a low plank (on your elbows rather than hands) with your elbows on the floor.  The balance trainer should be on your left about a foot away from your right arm.  Keep your feet stationary and walk your arms towards the balance trainer, over the balance trainer and then about a foot past the balance trainer.  Plank back and forth over the balance trainer.


1. Arnold Press + Switch Lunge

Start in a lunged position with weights in hand.  Arms up to the front.  Bend your elbows and face your palms towards you.  Rotate your arms out the sides and then press the weights to the ceiling.  Revers the motion to return your arms to the starting position.  Do 1 jumping switch lunge and then repeat.

2. Lateral Raise + Lunge Pulse

Start in a right lunge with knees bent to 90 degrees and weights in hands.  Slowly and controlled, laterally raise your arms.  As you raise your arms, and keeping your feet stationary, raise up slightly through your legs.  Stop your arms at shoulder height and then lower your arms and body back into a lunged position.  Repeat.

3. Scissor Arms + Lunge Pulse

Start in a left lunge with knees bent to 90 degrees and weights in hands.  Arms should be raised out to your sides - don't drop them!  Slowly and controlled, guide your arms to the front of your body and then cross them at center.  As you cross your arms, and keeping your feet stationary, raise up slightly through your legs.  Once the cross at center, guide your arms back out to your sides.  At the same time lower your arms and body back into a lunged position.  Repeat.

4. Isometric Hold

For 10 seconds just hold your arms straight out to your sides and get as low as you can in your lunge.  JUST HOLD!!!  

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