The DailyHiit Show | Season 2 | Episode 8 | Presented by BodyRock

Hi BodyRockers! Are you ready to lift heavy, squat low and jump high as you tone and sculpt your legs and glutes?  Hold nothing back as Sean guides you through today's workout! Did you know these workouts can be emailed to you?  It's simple!  Just sign up for the workouts here and check the workouts box! "You're too muscular", "she's too skinny", "she's got such a flat a$$"...ever heard these comments (and many others)?  These "judgement calls" we like to make about others can have such a damaging effect on the person being judged.  Nobody knows where that individual is at in their fitness journey, so who are we to judge.  Perhaps you've experienced getting one of these types of comments thrown your direction.  It doesn't feel the best, but we can handle it, and we'll handle it with grace. You can't control what others do, as much as we wish we could sometimes, we can't.  What we do have control over is ourselves.  YOU know where you're at in your fitness journey.  YOU know the hard work and sacrifices you're making everyday.  People will make their comments, that's life, it is what it is.  And the comments people make is, quite honestly, a reflection of that of person, not you.  Stay strong, don't waiver, keep doing what you're doing and let the noise subside. If you're ready to get the day's workout started, I know Sean is ready.  Let's go!  No excuses! What do you think so far of season 2?  Post your comments, questions and workout pics on the  BodyRock Facebook page or the Sean Light - BodyRock Facebook page!  If you love seeing these workouts, please share them with your friends and family! See all of our equipment and much more in the store: Enjoy your Daily Hiit Workout, the breakdown is below! Jack x

Episode 8: I Want A Booty Workout | Breakdown

Set your timers to 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest!  3 rounds!

1. Squat Front Raise

Start standing with the Challenger in hand.  Hold onto the feet side of the Challenger.  As you squat down, do a front raise with the Challenger.  Keep your arms extended and raise the Challenger to shoulder height.  As you return to standing, lower the Challenger back down.

2. Side to Side Squats

Start with the Balance Trainer laying flat side down.  Start with one foot on top of the dome side of the balance trainer and the other foot at the side.  Squat down.  As you stand up, drive up through the foot that’s planted on the balance trainer and hop over to the other side.  The foot that was on the balance trainer should now be on the floor and the foot that started on the floor should now be on the balance trainer.  Repeat.

3. Sandbag Swing

Start with legs wider than hip width and slight bend in your knees with sandbag between legs.  As you stand, push your hips forward and swing the sandbag up to eye level.  Return to the starting position with a slight bend in your knees as your bag swings between your legs.

4. Lunge Kick

Start standing with the sandbag at your back.  Lunge back with your right leg, bend both knees to 90 degrees.  Drive through your front heel to return to standing while at the same time kicking your right leg forward.


20 reps of each

1. Under Overs

Start by placing the balance trainer on the ground.  Flat side down, dome side up.  Sit on the dome.  Have the challenger positioned horizontally in front of you.  Start by tucking your knees into your chest and then extend them straight out front UNDER the challenger bar.  Tuck your knees again and then extend them OVER the challenger bar.  Repeat.

2. Side to Side

Stay seated and reposition the challenger so that its vertically in from of you.  Keep your legs straight.  Engage your core and guide your legs OVER the challenger bar.  You should be tracing the shape of a rainbow as you guide your legs over the bar, side to side.  

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