The Fine Line Between Stability and Adventure

Growing up is a scary thing. Right? We've all experienced obstacles at some point in our lives, especially as a teenager. Growing up isn't easy when your surrounded by people who influence your decisions. Today, society has evolved into damaging standards that shape our actions. As a teenager, you fear the challenges that lie ahead. Will I graduate from high school? Will I meet the right man? Do you find that people who are always criticizing you gets to you, and derails you from having a positive outlook on life? Learning to channel your creativity into unstoppable productivity is the key to success. Everyone wants stability in life. But don't you also want adventure? Rather, than search for love that would rescue you, search for love that adds a wild zest to your life. stability vs adventure

Have financial trust in yourself

Channeled creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is what sets you a part in any field. Creativity is highly valued in the work force and earns you hefty paychecks. Don't feel the need to depend on someone else to financially support you.

Trust that you're enough

Make peace with the person you are, embrace your flaws and learn to take dire matters into your own hands. Don't feel the need to be tethered to a partner. Independence is gained through learning how to use the right tools needed to grow. Don't find someone to complete you, find someone who awakens your senses. Are you looking for adventure or stability? Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code  

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