The Future of BodyRock.Tv

Hey guys. I wanted to share what's going on with the sites and get your input.

We now have 2 sites as you may have noticed. BodyRock and TheDailyHiit. I never planned on having twins, but sometimes life can surprise you.

At the end of 2012, the future of BodyRock was uncertain, so I chose to park it and develop TheDailyHiit. The launch of TDH was complicated by bugs and crashes and really bad development. Simply put, I chose the wrong development partner. A graphic designer is NOT a web developer. Never get those two specialties confused. It's a painful lesson to have to learn first hand so take my word for it. Despite these bumps, TDH has gained a wonderful following in the 6 months its been alive, and we are continuing to make improvements.

Last month the fate of BodyRock was finally resolved, and I'm happy to let you guys know that we will be relaunching it soon under our banner.

Now here is where I can use your help...

My plan for TDH was to introduce new bloggers, new hosts, and have an assortment of classes you guys can take. We have Hiit training, Pilates just started and Yoga to start.

The BR plan was to offer epic workouts with more of a personal check in day by day. A smaller family of trainers including Lisa, Sean and Teshia and anyone that you guys really like from TDH and want to see more of.

What are your thoughts and ideas? Everyone here wants to create the best fitness website on the web. How can we make this better for you guys? I'd love to hear your honest no bullshit take on the twins :)


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