The Future of BodyRock.Tv and

As many of you guys know, the BodyRock.Tv site hasn't been updated since December 18th 2012. Since then we have launched and although we went through the perfect storm of technical difficulties that almost sank both platforms (boy did we choose the wrong development partners) we are still here and as scrappy as ever. Look for the rollout of a new homepage, workout breakdown page, and other pages on in a responsive design that will allow you to view the site perfectly on any device or screen size. This will dramatically improve your experience and make working out with us from wherever you are easier than ever. blog launched 2 weeks ago with over 2500 applications to blog on the platform. We have been adding new bloggers weekly, giving them the chance to reach and inspire an audience of over 150,000 visitors daily with home grown health, nutrition and fitness related posts. The blog audience continues to grow week on week, and although it has just launched, it's trajectory has been nothing short of spectacular. A huge thank you and shout out to our new blogging family. You guys are on the nose cone of something truely special :) The future of the BodyRock.Tv site has been in question for sometime. Thankfully that is no longer the case. The new BodyRock.Tv site will relaunch this fall with new trainers, new routines, and the toughest free workouts you have come to expect from us. Many of you have written in to ask if we have plans to start charging monthly subscription fees. Nothing against sites that charge, but we will never charge you guys to access our workouts. That's just not how we roll and it would run contrary to the spirit in which this site was founded. We became the worlds most watched fitness series without selling out and we aren't about to start now. On the mobile front we have started the development of three separate free apps that will take your diet and workouts to the next level with an unprecedented set of features and functionality. The fitness app is being designed from the ground up to be easy to use in an actual workout environment so the technology does not get in the way of your training. It is our intention to start rolling out this suite of apps starting this fall. Through the ups and downs we have done our best to bring you the best fitness resource possible. It's important to remember that we are not a giant corporation. We are a small band of people (4 to be exact) that work in a converted bedroom office and put our heart and souls into this because its what we genuinely love doing. We know we piss you guys off sometimes, but what real relationship is perfect? We share the good and the bad from our lives, tell you the truth even if its not what you want to hear and we always show up to sweat with you :) Thanks for sticking with us these past few years. We are looking forward to making all of this better together. We would love to hear any suggestions that you have on how we can improve. Best, Freddy.

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