The Great Debate: To Skip Breakfast or Stick to It

It's no secret that many consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. From providing you with fuel to fire through the many work hours ahead, to kick starting your metabolism, there are a lot of theories out there that credit a healthy breakfast to a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, many say skipping breakfast is simply something to avoid. But is that really true? coffee These experts sure think so.  “When we skip breakfast, we are actually doing a major disservice to our bodies,” says Maya Bach, LDN, owner at River North Nutrition in Chicago. “Your body is ‘fasting’ all night, so in the morning, your body needs fuel to start revving up our metabolism. And without food as fuel, our bodies aren’t able to function at peak performance.” “It’s better to eat something than nothing in the morning,“ says Lindsay Joe, RDN, a Greatist expert. “Our bodies are similar to cars—if we don’t have any gas in the tank, performing even the simplest of tasks becomes exhausting and stressful on the body.“ When it comes to losing weight, the National Weight Control Registry found that for people who have shed pounds and maintained their weight, 78 percent ate breakfast daily. “While a doughnut isn’t the ideal fuel for your body, it will at least jump-start your metabolism, helping your body and brain get moving,“ Bach says. “If you eat nothing, chances are you will feel tired, sluggish, and have low energy throughout your morning.” But, remember: you are what you eat. Meaning, a donut and an egg shouldn't be created equal. donut “Choose an option that’s higher in protein or fat to help blunt the effect of that sugar high,” Bach says. “Think of peanut butter-filled, pistachio, or coconut-topped varieties. Better yet, carry a few almonds or nuts of your choice with you so you can eat them along with the treats. “Still, this isn’t an everyday (or even twice-a-week) type of thing; you’re still adding extra calories from fat and empty calories from sugars to your weekly intake.” Do you eat breakfast every day? Source: Elite Daily

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